I was in the sixth-grade when I launched my first media outlet. The weekly publication — hand-written on notebook paper, then photocopied and stapled together — featured mostly cafeteria-food critiques and classmate Q&As. It was rudimentary at best and not particularly well-received by my fellow 12-year-olds, but it ignited a lifelong love of storytelling. It’s been 25-plus years, and I’ve been pursuing this passion ever since.

Throughout my journalism career, I sought scoops to beat the competition, as that’s the nature of the business. But what I always found far more rewarding was penning a story that truly shed light on a subject. Some of the work I’m most proud of painted intimate portraits of people — sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring, always compelling.

Here are a few profiles of individuals whose stories I was privileged to share: There was Louisville youth mentor Eddie Woods, who helps teens in crisis. Clemmie Greenlee, a former prostitute who overcame addiction, then dedicated her life to helping those in need. And college basketball star Shan Foster, who had the kind of senior year even Hollywood couldn’t script.

These people let me into their lives, and for that I will always be grateful.

I’ve since shifted gears in my writing career, expanding my focus to include marketing — a field in which the art of storytelling is instrumental.

Case in point: I recently had the opportunity to interview a same-sex couple who, after years of trying to have a baby, are now moms to triplets. These women invited me into their home to chronicle their story, a project commissioned by Norton Healthcare.

The article is forthcoming, and I look forward to sharing it here soon.

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